Verification of Orders

As a fraud prevention measure we are required to verify all new customers before we dispatch their first order, to confirm that the person who placed the order is the genuine holder of the payment details used. For this reason it is very important that you enter all your details accurately when you check out.

Fraudulent orders are a potential problem with any electronic transaction, but in most transactions some form of verification is built in. When you buy something instore you verify the transaction by entering your PIN, signing your name or showing ID. When you buy physical goods online most websites will only agree to send them to the billing address for your payment card so just by being at that address to receive the goods you verify your order. There would be no point in a fraudster ordering goods to your address as they would never receive them!

For online purchases of codes and other intangible items there are no in-built verifications, and as a result we receive a large number of fraudulent orders from criminals who hope to receive codes using stolen payment details without knowing the PIN or ever revealing their location. Once a fraud is discovered the transaction is reversed by the cardholder’s bank and we are left without the money. In order to protect our genuine customers and keep our prices as low as possible we, like other online sellers of digital products, use a range of methods to verify orders and ensure we only deliver codes to genuine customers.

We are able to verify most orders automatically without requiring any additional information from the customer. This may result in a short delay in processing orders from new customers. We aim to process all new orders within one hour, but it is often a lot quicker than this. For a small proportion of complex or high value orders verification may take longer than this.

If we are unable to verify your transaction automatically based on the information supplied with your order we will contact you by email, phone call or text message to attempt to manually verify your order, offering a range of options to confirm you are the genuine cardholder. If at any point you are unable to complete the verification process, or would rather cancel your order, you are always welcome to request a no-hassle refund up to the point when your code(s) is dispatched.

Our verification team work 8am-midnight, UK time, 365 days a year. During these times we aim to verify all new customers within one hour. If you are already a verified customer, codes will normally be delivered to you instantly, 24 hours a day, subject to daily and monthly spend limitations and random security checks.