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How to download and watch Vikings Season 4 from the UK ,Europe, Australia and the rest of the world!

Vikings Season 4 has recently been released for download in the US iTunes store, but after looking into it further we discovered that it is not available in most other stores…

So what if you live in the UK, Europe, Australia or any other country in the world and can’t wait any longer to watch season 4??

The simple answer is…don’t wait any longer, set up your very own US iTunes account and download Vikings season 4 today! What are you waiting for?!

Using a US iTunes account internationally…

If you didn’t know that you could do this well today you have learned something new! You don’t have to be in/or live in America to have a US iTunes account, all you need to do is set up an account and you will have full access to the US store to download, music, movies, apps or movies!

How can we help with this?

Here at we sell a wide range of US iTunes gift card codes which you can purchase on our website and use to redeem the credit into the US iTunes account.

Buy your US iTunes gift card code online here

You can choose your own delivery preference, so either an “email delivery” for the iTunes code to allow you to set up your own account, or the “Create an iTunes account for me” which tells us you want us to set the account up for you free of charge with your order and load the iTunes credit!

You can find out more about our free iTunes account set up service here

You will need an iTunes code to complete the US account set up as you won’t be able to link a credit/debit card to the account from outside the US!

If you are setting up your own account, once you have your iTunes code from us you may find the following guide helpful:

How to set up your own US iTunes account guide

Downloading Vikings season 4:

A season pass for Season 4 in the US iTunes store currently costs $36.99 in SD or $39.99 in HD, so may be worth branching out for the HD download for the extra $3USD!

Once you are set up with your new US account, downloading Vikings is easy, all you will need to do is log into your account and use the search bar to search “Vikings” you can then select to “download” which will prompt you to re enter your iTunes account password. The download will be stored in your iTunes library (alongside any other downloads you may already have from any existing iTunes accounts)

Enjoy Vikings and your new account!

If you would like any further info, you can contact us:


Twitter: @mitunestv


Or use our Live Chat: available on our website homepage


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