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How to buy leaf Tickets in the US?

If you have an Australian iTunes account which you are using in the US to play the new Nintendo Animal Crossing Pocket Camp App you may want to make in App purchases…These in App purchases in the game are “Leaf Tickets”.

So how to get Leaf Tickets?

As you cannot link your bank details to the OZ iTunes account, the way to get credit into the account and buy Leaf Tickets is through the use of iTunes gift card codes…

You will need to redeem an Australian iTunes gift card code into the account to then make IAP’s.

Australian iTunes codes are available in different denominations so you can choose the amount required based on how many Leaf Tickets you want in the game. Australian iTunes codes can be purchased on our website from the comfort of your own home..

Australian iTunes gift card codes..

Click here to see our full range of OZ iTunes codes

Payment for the iTunes codes can be made securely through Paypal, credit/debit card or Bitcoin . Once your order has been received you will receive the code direct to your email inbox which you registered on the site.

You can then redeem the iTunes code into the iTunes account:

How to redeem your iTunes gift card code

The balance from the gift card code will then be transferred into the account which can be displayed when signed in.

Leaf Tickets can then be purchased through the use IAP ‘s to use in Animal Crossing.

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