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Preacher TV Show – Season 3 episode 1 now free in the US iTunes store

Preacher episode 1 free in the US iTunes store

The first episode of the third season of Preacher is now available to download, completely free, from the US iTunes store.


Not only is the first episode free, but if you like it you can get the whole season in HD for just $19.99. That works out a lot cheaper than the UK, where it is £24.99 – that works out at $33.15!


If you haven’t already got a US iTunes account it’s really easy to get one, wherever you are, in any country – just buy a US iTunes code from us, and select ‘account setup’ as your delivery method and we will create a US iTunes account for you, preloaded with your credit, and send you the login details.  If you buy $50 of credit or more we’ll even give you an extra 10% completely free!


If you would prefer to create a US iTunes account yourself you can follow our easy how-to guide.


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