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How to play Teen Titans Go Figure! for iPhone in any country

Teen Titans Go Figure - download now from the iTunes app store

Teen Titans Go Figure! was released on 6th June, but only in the USA, Japan and Australia. So what if you’re not in one of those countries?


Don’t worry, you can play it today in any country! You just need to create an iTunes account for one of those countries, and you can download Teen Titans Go Figure! straight away. It’s really easy to create an iTunes account for any country and we’ve made easy-to-follow guides for each country:


How to create an Japanese iTunes account

How to create an American iTunes account

How to create a Australian iTunes account


If you’d prefer not to create your own US, Australian or Japanese iTunes account, we’ll even do it for you, completely free! Just buy any American, Australian or Japanese iTunes code from us and select ‘account setup’ as your delivery preference. We’ll create the Apple ID for you, preload it with your credit, and send you the login details, ready to download Teen Titans Go Figure!  and start playing.


Remember to bookmark in case you need to top up your account to buy in-game items.



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