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How to legally buy season 2 of Westworld now, and save money!

Westworld-Season-2 available now in the Australian iTunes store

Season 2 of Westworld is not yet available in most countries’ iTunes stores, and even when it is released it will be as a season pass, meaning you get just one episode a week, as they’re shown on TV.


So what if you don’t want to wait, and want to download all ten episodes of season two today? There is an easy way – the full season is already available in the Australian iTunes store, and it’s really easy to get an Australian iTunes account regardless of where you actually are.


Just buy an Australian iTunes code from us, and select ‘account setup’ as your delivery method and we’ll create an Australian Apple ID for you, preload it with your credit, and send you the login details.  The full season 2 costs $28.99  Australian dollars (about $21.50 US dollars) in SD and $32.99 in HD (about $24.50 US dollars), but if you buy $50 of credit or more we’ll even give you an extra 10% completely free! Season 1 is currently $19.99 Australian dollars so that would leave you enough credit to get them both.


If you would prefer to create an Australian iTunes account yourself you can follow our easy how-to guide.


Not only do you get the full second season before the first episode is even released in the US or UK, but you save money too – prices haven’t yet been released in the UK, but in the US the HD season pass is $38.99 – nearly $15 more than in Australia!

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