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Homeland S7 – download it now, weeks ahead of its US release

homeland S7 buy download it today fromiTunes

Season 7 of Homeland is already available in most countries’ iTunes stores in full, but isn’t even available as a season pass in the US 🙁

We’ve checked out a few different countries’ iTunes stores, and the cheapest we found was Canada, where you can get the full season for around $19 US ($24.99 CAD), but you can also get it from the UK store for 18 pounds (around $24) and the Australian store for 35 Australian dollars ($26 US).

So how do you get all 12 episodes today even if you’re not in Canada, the UK or Australia? It’s actually really easy to get a Canadian iTunes account even though you’re in the US, or anywhere else – we’ll even create one for you when you buy a Canadian iTunes code from us. And you can then use your Canadian iTunes account to buy the download.

Just buy a Canadian iTunes code from us, and select ‘account setup’ as your delivery method and we’ll create a Canadian Apple ID for you, preload it with your credit, and send you the login details.  The full season 7 costs $24.99 Canadian dollars in SD and $29.99 in HD (about $22.50 US dollars), but if you buy $50 of credit or more we’ll even give you an extra 10% completely free!

If you would prefer to create a Canadian iTunes account yourself you can follow our easy how-to guide.

Not only do you get the full seventh season before the first episode is even released in the US, but you save money too – prices haven’t yet been released in the US, but as season 6 is still $24.99, season 7 looks set to be $30+.

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