New Zealand iTunes gift card codes are now available online!

We now have iTunes codes for NZ available to buy on our website!

Now available by popular demand, as we received so many requests for these, we are so happy to be announcing that we now have them available!

They are available in $20 and $50 and payments are made very securely through Paypal, using a credit/debit card or through Bitcoin. We also would accept a bank transfer if that is a preferred option for you.

You can browse and buy using the link below:

New Zealand iTunes codes available to buy here

Who can use a New Zealand iTunes code?

Anyone can use a NZ iTunes code, but of course, they must be redeemed into a NZ iTunes account. It is really easy to set up a new Apple ID for the New Zealand iTunes store, if you do not already have one. Check out our step by step guide below if you want to know how it’s done.

How to create an iTunes account for New Zealand for a different country, using an iPad or iPhone.

If you already have an account for another country you can still set up a new NZ account and simply switch between the two through logging in and out – all downloads are stored in the same place too to keep it simple.

What is the benefit of having an NZ Apple ID?

We think that the main benefit of having an iTunes account for New Zealand is so that you have full access to the latest soft launch Apps. A lot of App developers choose to release their new game in the NZ iTunes store as a soft release (making it available to play earlier than in other countries), to test it out on a smaller population first. Using an Apple ID for NZ will provide you with full access to play the soft launch games.