Is it safe to share your iTunes login details with us?

We are constantly warned not to give any of our usernames and passwords to anyone, so it is understandable that some people are wary of sharing their login details with us when they place a direct credit order. Here we explain a little bit more about how we ensure your details and your iTunes account are always secure.

Your details are only held until your order is complete

We retain your login details in our database so that we can fulfil your order, but once your order is complete your login details are automatically deleted. Our database is protected by the highest levels of encryption and two factor authentication. For your convenience we do offer the option for us to remember your login details, but this is entirely optional, and is not the default.


The process is automated…

so we never see your login details;


We will never ask for details of your security questions

We have no need for your security questions or answers, so we will never ask for them. This means you retain 100% control of your account, and we couldn’t change your password or security details even if we wanted to;


You can change your iTunes password at any time

Because you have your login details, and security questions, if you ever wish to you can change your password, and ensure only you have access to your account.


You can turn on two factor authenticaton

This means that we can only access your account when we need to, to add credit to it, and need a code from you each time we require access. Codes will be requested automatically and are never visible to our staff.


We can’t do anything in your account

Even if we wanted to, all we could do in your account would be buy a few apps or other downloads with any credit you already have in your account!


We care about our customers, and our reputation.

We have worked hard since 2010 to build an honest and trustworthy reputation. We do everything we can to protect the data we hold, and have no plans to put that at risk anytime soon!


If you’re still unsure, that’s no problem – just select standard delivery to get your codes by email and enter them yourself!