ID Verification

Thank you for your order from

We require additional verification before we can despatch your code(s). While we are able to verify over 90% of orders automatically, we sometimes require additional details. This may be because this is your first order from us and we have been unable to verify the details supplied with the order, or if you have ordered from us before it may be because of the total value of codes you have ordered from us. For more information about why we need to verify orders please click here.

There are two easy options below to verify your order. If you are unable to do either of the options, or would prefer not to, please contact us to request a refund.


Option 1: Upload ID

Please use the below form to upload a clear image of an item of government-issued photo ID. Your order number must be included in the original image (not added digitally). Please ensure the image is in colour and high enough quality for us to confirm that the ID is genuine.





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Option 2: Email verification

To verify you will need to have a work, business or education email address. To verify this way please send an email to with your 5 digit order number in the subject. Please note that we cannot accept emails from free webmail addresses (eg. Hotmail, Yahoo, iCloud) for verification purposes. It may take us up to one hour to review your email during our customer service hours (8am to midnight UK time, 7 days a week, 365 days a year)