How to watch Game of Throne season 7 from iTunes?

GoT season 7 has not yet been released in many countries iTunes store, however we can tell you it has been released in the German iTunes store, with a German and English version available which is great news for everyone.

We are not sure why Game of Thrones series 7 has only been released in the German iTunes store (the same as season 6 was last year too!), but the good news is that to have a German Apple ID/iTunes account you don’t have to be in Germany, you can be situatd in any country in the world all you need to do is set up an account!

About Game of Thrones series 7 on iTunes

The German iTunes store has been releasing an episode each week so you can keep up to date with the latest episodes. A SD series pass currently costs €16.99. Once you have purchased the series pass you are buying the downloads, so they are then your copies to keep forever.

Credit can be redeemed into the German iTunes account using iTunes gift card codes. Details below provide info of how and where to purchase German iTunes gift card codes online.

How to get a German Apple ID/iTunes account?

It’s really easy to set up a German iTunes account, just follow the guide below:

Instructions: How to set up a new German Apple ID using an iPhone or iPad

How to put credit into the account to purchase GoT S7?

German iTunes codes can then be bought online from our website to add credit into the account. They are available in different denominations and you can choose the amount you require. Once the order has been made the code will be securely delivered to your email address so you can redeem it into the German iTunes account and download S7. Simply visit – German iTunes codes to order your code online.

How to download GoT s7 once in the store?

Once the new account is complete use the new log in details to sign in. This will direct you to the German iTunes store. You can then use the search bar to search,in English, for “Game of Thrones”. it will display all available GoT, this is where you look for series 7 (Careful not to pick “staffel 7” unless you can speak German!) and once downloaded an episode will be released each week into your iTunes library for you to watch.