How to watch Disney’s Descendants 2 in Australia?

Disney’s Decendants 2 is not available in the Australian iTunes store until August 16th, so if you don’t want to wait until then to download it legally and own your own copy then we have the answer you are looking for…

Most of our customers use multiple iTunes accounts for different countries, so they can shop around for the latest releases and the best download prices to save a few bob! and that’s exactly how you can download Descendants 2, setting up an Apple ID for a country where it is available.

It is totally legal to set up an iTunes account/Apple ID for another country and also really easy to do and the account can be topped up with credit (so you can make downloads).

Where is Descendants 2 available?

Currently some of the main, larger iTunes stores have it available, including: UK, US and Canada. Today we are going to focus on creating the account for the US. Generally it is cheaper to download from the US iTunes store and a lot of popular movies and Tv seasons are often released in the US store first which is handy for future downloads too!

How to create a US iTunes account using n iPad or iPhone

You will have noticed this guide has helped you set up the account without using a credit/debit card. This is because if you are in Australia you won’t be able to link your OZ card into the US account (Apple won’t allow it). So the trick is to use iTunes gift card redeem codes to put credit into the account.

US iTunes gift card codes can be purchased online here and you can choose the amount you require and always top it up again as often as needed in the future. Descendants is $9.99 to download in SD, so you will need at least $10 in the account to buy the download. The iTunes code will be emailed to you after the purchase.

Using the US account and downloading Descendants 2

Using the new log in details to sign into the iTunes store will prompt you to transfer to the US iTunes store. Once in the US store you can search for “Descendants 2″ and select to download it. The download will be stored in the iTunes library ready to watch on your PC/laptop or iOS device.

You can then use the US iTunes account as and when you please and switch between other accounts set up for other countries if you wish. Though to be able to switch freely between accounts you must ensure that no subscription services are switched on , so not to encounter Apple’s 90 day lock out”, more info on the 90 day lock out can be found here.

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