How to prevent the Apple 90 day lock out

If you are an avid user of Apple iTunes and have various accounts for different countries it is very likely you have experienced the “Apple 90 day lock out” message.

So what causes the Apple 90 day lock out?

Basically Apple do not want their users “sharing” downloads, they want each individual to pay for their own downloads (unless using the family sharing feature). So Apple will allow you to have no more than 10 devices linked to your Apple ID.

If , like many of our own customers you are using multiple iTunes accounts for different countries and switching between them, you will not be able to do so without disabling/turning off any subscription services. Trying to change countries when a subscription service is activated will lead you to experience the “90 day lock out”.

Subscription services include:

  • iTunes match
  • Apple music

It is also advisable that whilst in another Apple ID, you should not try to download “past purchases”, this is also a cause of possible “90 day lock out” .

However, so long as the above points are not activated you should easily be able to switch between different iTunes accounts and countries.

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