How to play Dragon Nest 2 mobile game from any country

Nexon’s Dragon Nest 2 has been released as a soft launch in a few countries on iOS and is ready to be played!

What is soft launch?

An App developer will generally release their newest gaming addition in a few selected smaller iOS countries so it can be tested by those playing it before it is launched world wide.

How to play a soft launch?

Anyone can play a soft launch, you just need to have an iTunes account/Apple ID for the country it is in soft launch in.

Where is Dragon Nest 2 available and how much does it cost?

It has been released in: Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Philippines and Denmark. It is completely free to download and in App purchases are available throughout the game play,

How to get a new Apple ID for one of those countries?

If you speak English, it is recommendable to set up the account for an English country, we find generally Canada is the most popular choice to set up a secondary account for. You don’t have to be in the country you are setting up the account for , but you may need to use a VPN.

**As of September 2017 this You Tube Video is no longer valid, instead follow:

How to set up an account for a different country using iPad or iPhone

Then our You tube video guide will ease you through the set up process:

Need credit in the account?

As we mentioned above the initial set up of the account is free but if you like to buy the in app game purchases then you will need credit in the account. Credit can be added using iTunes gift card codes for the country of the account you have set up. These can purchased online using our website and the iTunes code will be emailed or sent in a sms to you right after you place the order.