How to download King Arthur: Legend of the sword movie on iTunes

King Arthur Legend of the sword has been released for download in the US iTunes store, ahead of other countries. For example it is not expected to be due for release until September 15th, making it still quite a wait. So if you can’t wait that long then all you need to do is make an Apple ID for the US store and download it right away! This can be done from any country in the world and it’s really easy, so here’s the details…

First why not check out the movie trailer:

Can’t wait any longer? Then this is what you need to do…

Make a US iTunes account/ Apple ID from any country:

Don’t worry if you already use an iTunes account for your own country, there is no limit to how many accounts you can have so once the new US account has been set up you can switch between using different accounts through simply logging in and out.

Please note that this will not work if you have any subscription services set up, such as Apple music/iTunes match and you should not select to download past purchases. By doing so you will encounter the “90 day lock out” by Apple, which means you will not be able to access the iTunes account or switch between accounts.

It is free to set up the US iTunes account. Of course if you want to make purchases for paid downloads then you will need credit in the account to do so

How to set up the account:

Things to note first:

  • You may need to use a US VPN before attempting the set up.
  • You will need a new email address/not linked to any other Apple ID.

*** Please now follow our guide to set up the account using an iPhone or Ipad – as of September 2017, the PC or Mac instructions will no longer work***

How to set up a US account using the iPhone or iPad

So you’re ready to go , from here simply watch our You Tube video guide below and you will have your US iTunes account set up in no time!

Using the new account and putting credit into the account:

Once signed into the new account it will automatically prompt a switch to the US store. From there purchases and download for movies, Tv seasons, books and Apps can be made.

If you are outside of the US  it will not allow a credit/debit card in the system so the account can be topped up using iTunes gift card codes.

US iTunes gift card codes can be purchased here and the codes will be sent fast, direct to the registered email address or via sms text message.

You may find then find the following link useful: How to redeem an iTunes gift card code