How to download and watch Homeland season 5 on iTunes

Homeland Season 5 is out now on iTunes! If it is not available in your countries iTunes store and you are eager to catch up on the latest season then look no further… here at we are experts at getting you a brand new international iTunes account and supplying iTunes codes via a fast email delivery system, so you can watch your favourite TV series and movies legally wherever in the world you live!!

Using iTunes Internationally- The benefit of using iTunes internationally (meaning to own an iTunes account for  a different country to where you live) is it will give you access to much more download content. iTunes release movies, apps, books and music at different times in different stores and also sell them for different prices so it allows you to “shop around”…this is why our thousands of customers keep coming back to us over and over again for iTunes credit to keep their International accounts topped up!!

Homeland Season 5 on iTunes

Homeland season 5 is currently available in the UK and Australian iTunes stores and the prices for the complete season 5 downloads are as follows:

UK iTunes store- full season 5 = £24.99

Australian iTunes store -full season 5 = $36.99 (roughly £17.46)

So we leave the choice up to you which account you would like to make to download Season 5, but as you can see it is cheaper to download from the Australian iTunes store….

To set up the account of your choice, you will first of all need an email address to use as the new Apple ID and of course and iTunes code (for the relevant account). You can purchase iTunes codes online from us at, or use the links below to direct you straight to the relevant iTunes codes:

Buy Australian iTunes codes online here

Buy UK iTunes codes online here

Once we have emailed you the code follow the instructions below to set up your new International iTunes account:

How to set up an Australian iTunes account

How to set up a UK iTunes account

How to download Homeland Season 5?

Once your new account is complete it will run alongside your existing iTunes account/s (if you do already have one) so to download Homeland season 5 you simply log into your new account, using your new log in details and once on the homepage use the search bar in the top right hand corner to search for “Homeland Season 5” and select it to begin the download.. Simple! and once the download has completed it will be store in your iTunes library along with any other downloads you have made.

We hope you enjoy Homeland Season 5 and your new iTunes account! and do feel free to contact us if you would like any further info, we would love to hear from you 🙂