How to create a Canadian iTunes account and get Brawl Stars

Please note the below instructions for setting up an account on a PC or Mac will no onger work as of September 2017. Please see our guide: How to create an iTunes account to get Brawlstars using an iPhone or iPad.

The makers of the very popular Clash of Clans and sequel Clash Royale, Supercell, have today soft launched their new game Brawl Stars, a new multi player combat game. Here’s how to get it if you’re not in Canada.

You will need to make a free Canadian iTunes account before you can download Brawl Stars but this is very easy to do and only takes a few minutes. Take a look at our YouTube video or read the steps below to find out how…


1. Before you start you will need to connect to a Canadian VPN. If you don’t already have one take a look at this list of free VPNs;

2. Change the iTunes store country by scrolling to the bottom of the storefront, and clicking on the flag icon in the bottom right;

3. Navigate to the App Store, find any free app and click ‘Get’ – it doesn’t have to be Brawl Stars, any free app will do;

4. In the login box that appears, click ‘Create an iTunes Account’;

5. Click Continue and Agree to the Terms and Conditions;

6. Enter your email address – this must be a real email address that you can check to verify your account;

7. Select your password and security questions, enter your date of birth, then continue to the next page;

8. Leave ‘None’ selected as your payment option;

9. Enter a real Canadian address. You can get this from Google Maps. You can also Google for a Canadian phone number. Apple never check these or use them to contact you so it doesn’t matter that they’re wrong!

10. Your iTunes account is now ready to use. You will need to verify your email address before you can use it

Once your account is ready you can download Brawl Stars for free and start playing. You will need to sign in to your new Canadian iTunes account on your iPhone, to do this go to settings > iCloud, scroll to the bottom and click sign out. You can then sign in with your new Canadian Apple and download Brawl Stars. You can download and play for free but if you need to buy any coins you can buy a Canadian iTunes code at to add credit to your account.

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