How to browse the App store for a different country?

With the removal of the App store on the desktop iTunes App, it appears that the App store for any country can no longer be browsed on a laptop/PC. However, it is possible to browse the App store for different countries using an iPhone or iPad.

To browse available Apps for other countries you will now need to have an Apple ID. However, it is fast and easy to set up an Apple ID for the country of your choice on an iPhone or iPad.

In most cases before beginning the set up , a good connection to a VPN must be in use (for the country of the new Apple ID).

Once the new Apple ID for the country of choice is set up it will provide full access to the App store and the iTunes store (for music, Tv, books and movies) and the account can be credited using iTunes codes.

Follow our guide:

How to set up an Apple ID for a different country on iPhone or iPad

How to add credit into the account to make a download purchase?

If it is a free download no credit will be needed, however for paid download purchases or IAP there will need to be credit in the account. This can be added through the purchase and redemption of an iTunes code. On our website you will find a range of iTunes codes for different countries,visit us at: to see our full range. iTunes codes are delivered securely and fast via email or sms once the purchase has been made and verified.