Get a cheap download of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 movie

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 new movie is slowly being released around the world in iTunes stores and we have been on the hunt to find you the cheapest download and have succeeded!

If you use iTunes and have an account, probably for the country you live in , then you are missing a trick! Most of our customers have iTunes accounts for multiple countries and switch between the stores to find the cheapest download prices and earliest releases.

It’s easy to set up a new Apple ID and run multiple accounts as we explain further below…

Where is the download?

Available in the Russian iTunes store for 299RUB for an SD download and also has English audio. This converts roughly £3.85, VERY CHEAP!

The Russian iTunes store is easy to navigate and use as it is mainly in English. Certain downloads are in Russian but can easily be recognised from the art covers.  You just need to ensure if making other downloads that they are available in English audio, but it does state on the movie description details.

It is available in other iTunes stores such as the US and will be available in the UK as of 21st August, but you won’t find it as cheap as in the Russian store!

How to make a Russian Apple ID?

It’s really easy to make an iTunes account for Russia, just follow the steps on our You Tube video guide, relating everything to Russia:

** As of September 2017 the below instructions will not work. The account will need to be set up on an iPhone or iPad, here are the new instructions:

How to create a Russian iTunes account from a different country using an iPad or iPhone?


How to use the new Russian iTunes account?

Once the account has been set up the new log in details can then be used to sign into the account which will prompt a change to the Russian store.

Once in the Russian store the iTunes system is the same as any other country store to use/navigate. Most titles will be in English and the search bar will work using English.

Once the movie has been downloaded it can then be found in the iTunes library to start watching!

Logging out of the account and into another Apple ID will change back to that store and vice versa,so both accounts canbe used simultaneously.

Putting credit into the Russian iTunes account

Credit can be added into the Russian iTunes account at any point through using and redeeming Russian iTunes gift card codes. Russian iTunes codes can be purchased online here and you will receive the code fast and direct to your email address.

Once you have used the first load of credit top ups can be made for future downloads.

You will probably find that other movies and Apps are also really cheap in the Russian store in comparison to other country stores! So you can save yourself money in the long run!