Download the final Downton Abbey-series 6

The UK broadcasted the first episode of the last ever 6 series last night.. and it is already in the number 1 spot for UK top tv series in the UK iTunes store!

If you are a huge Downton Abbey fan living outside the UK and cannot wait to see the final series, wait no longer! With our help you can have yourself a UK iTunes account and be watching Downton Abbey by the end of the day!

Here to help you watch Downton Abbey…

Here at we sell a wide range of iTunes cards from all over the world, some examples include: UK, US, Canada, Australia, France, Japan plus many more and this allows our customers to run different iTunes accounts from all over the world…and you can too, it is very easy and of course legal.

Wherever you live in the world, using our UK iTunes gift cards you will be able to set up a UK iTunes account, keep it credited and of course download the new Downton Abbey! Or we can set an account up for you…

The new Downton Abbey final series will cost £18.99 for a series pass in HD, or £14.99 for the series pass in SD. A series pass will give you access to each episode from the series as they are released on the iTunes store. Or a single episode will cost £2.49 to view in HD.

Where do you begin to get a UK iTunes account for Downton Abbey?

The first step will be to order UK iTunes credit for the new account. This is available on our website and we sell different denominations: £10, £15, £25, £50 and £100 so you can choose the amount you require and we will email you the code…Use the link to take you directly to our UK iTunes credit.

If you would like to set up your own UK iTunes account simply order the iTunes credit using the link above and we will email you the code so you can redeem it into the new account and follow the instructions below:

How to set up a UK iTunes account

The instructions should be straight forward but do not hesitate to Contact Usand we will be happy to help.

How will your UK iTunes account work?

Once you have your UK iTunes account you can of course download Downton Abbey and watch the episodes as they are released on a weekly basis. You will also have access to all other content in the UK iTunes store; Apps, Music, tv series and books so there will be lots to keep you entertained :)

The UK iTunes account will simply run alongside your existing iTunes account and you will be able to access it on your PC, IOS device or your Apple TV.

Don’t delay and get your UK iTunes account today! Downton Abbey won’t wait for you!!

Here are some links which may be useful to you for further information:


Find out more about the new Downton Abbey directly from iTunes