Download Jurassic World movie from Italian iTunes today in English

Jurassic World is the 4th Jurassic movie to be released following on from Jurassic park 3 back in 2001. It was first released in cinema’s earlier this year, though it has yet to be released on DVD or most iTunes stores.

At we love to find you the latest releases from all iTunes stores and help set you with an iTunes account for that country 🙂 That way you can join in the download fun the same way as thousands of our customers do!
At the moment you will probably find that Jurassic World is still only available to pre order in your own countries iTunes store..that is of course unless you have an Italian iTunes is out now and available to download and watch it  in English, don’t worry you do not have to brush up on your Italian language skills!!) (plus many other languages if you wish) take a look at some examples…US iTunes store: Available for pre order – release= 1st October
UK iTunes store: Available for pre order- release= 2nd October
Australia iTunes store: Available for pre order- release= 8th October
Spain iTunes store: Available for pre order – release= 2nd October
Italy iTunes Store – OUT NOW!  Available to download – €11.99

So there you have it, most stores Jurassic World is currently only available for release in October (and these are only a few examples!)
With an Italian iTunes account you can download and watch Jurassic World, wherever you are in the world! If you don’t live in Italy and don’t currently have an Italian iTunes account, with our help you can set one up in no time and download Jurassic World immediately!

How to get a Italian iTunes account to download Jurassic World?

As mentioned you can run an Italian iTunes account and make downloads from the iTunes store from anywhere in the world, you do not have to live in Italy and all you need to do is ensure the account is credited using an Italian iTunes gift card code (as you will not be able to link a credit/debit card if you don’t have an Italian bank) and follow our instructions on how to order the iTunes gift card code and how to set up the account….Simple!

Purchasing an Italian iTunes Gift Card Code

We sell a wide range of gift cards, so you can choose the country and amount of credit you would like, make your order and we offer a fast, email delivery system (so you can get your code fast and set up the account!)

In this case for downloading Jurassic World, you should choose the amount of Italian credit you would like and simply make our purchase. Before deciding, you should know that you will need at least €11.99 for your Jurassic Worldmovie download! We can also offer an iTunes account set up, which is free for any orders of €25 or more…The link below will take you directly to our Italian iTunes cards:

Italian iTunes gift card Codes

Setting Up the Italian iTunes account

If you have chosen for us to set the account up for you all you will need to provide us with is a valid email address, not linked to any other Apple ID and we will use this for the new Apple ID. To set up your own account, simply use the step by step guide in the link below:

Step by step guide to setting up the Italian account

Using your new Italian iTunes account

Once the iTunes account is set up, you then log in and download Jurassic World! Once you have downloaded Jurassic World, you will need to change the language to English (It is also available in lots of other languages too!) to change the language simply press open up the movie as if you are about to watch it, choose control settings from the top left hand corner of the screen – audio and subtitles – then select the language you require.

The account will run alongside your existing iTunes account and you can continue to make other downloads from the TV series, music, movies and books in the Italian iTunes store! Obviously, to make non free downloads you will need to ensure the account has credit in it. To keep your account credited simply purchase the Italian iTunes gift codes from us and redeem the code into the account.

You should find that the Italian iTunes store is easy to navigate around and set out very similar to your own countries iTunes store. Most of the store is written in English, such as the main things you will need: redeem code, account, purchased and also a lot of the titles on the page such as: New and Noteworthy, Top films etc. You will also be able to use the search bar in the top right hand corner to search for what you are looking for in English.

Enjoy Jurassic World and your new Italian iTunes account 🙂

feel free to Contact Us if you would like any further info/help/or want to ask us a question.

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