Download Game of Thrones season 7 in the UK iTunes store

GoT S7 has now been released to legally download in the UK iTunes store as from today! If you don’t already have a UK Apple ID to make downloads from the UK store, then the information you will need to set one up for yourself from the UK or any other country in the world are below in this blog…

Though it is initially free to set up a UK iTunes account, a season pass for Game of Thrones is currently £12.99 SD or £16.99 HD and once purchased access to all episodes of season 7 are available to keep and yours forever to watch whenever you want! Episodes can be watched on a pc/laptop, iOS device such as an iPad or iPhone or on the Apple Tv.

It’s really quick and easy to set up a UK Apple ID from any country in the world, US, Australia, France, Canada etc and we know that GoT S7 is not available in the US store until near the end of September so this is your chance to watch it early!

How to purchase the season 7 pass of GoT in the Uk iTunes store?

Once the account is set up (instructions below), a we mentioned you will need credit in the account to make the download purchase of S7. Money (or credit), can be redeemed into the account using UK iTunes gift card codes. These can be purchased on our site and delivered to you fast, via email. Uk iTunes gift card codes online are currently available in £10,£25,£50 or £100, so the choice is yours how much credit you require. Though further credit can be added at a later date if desired too. Full access to the UK iTunes store will be available, to download Tv seasons such as Game of Thrones, music, Apps, movies or books.

How to set up a UK iTunes account/ UK Apple ID:

If you are not in the UK please note a UK VPN may be required. If so we recommend IP Vanish. As of September 2017, it is onlypossible to set up an account using an iPad or iPhone.


  • From the home screen on the iPhone or iPad select “App store”.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and sign out of an existing iTunes account.
  • Choose any “FREE” App and select “Get”.
  • In the pop up box choose “Create Apple ID”.
  • Follow the set up process to add an email address (this will be the new Apple ID) and password and change the country using the drop down box to “United Kingdom”.
  • Click agree to terms and conditions and select Next.
  • Select “None” under billing details and fill in name, address, phone number (A Google search can help with this) and head to the next page.
  • Apple will send a verification code to the email address provided.
  • Check for the email and confirm the code where requested on the iPad or iPhone.


and there you have it your very own UK iTunes account to download GoT!

Using the new details sign into iTunes, this will direct you to the UK iTunes store. From here select Tv series and Game of Thrones s7 to download it!

To then get back to your existing iTunes account (if you had one), simply log out and back in again with your other Apple ID details to change your store region back. Both accounts can then be used like this simultaneously.

If you need to put credit into the account before downloading S7 you may find our post: How to redeem an iTunes gift card code useful.