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What is a free Apple promo code?

So perhaps you’ve been given a promo code and don’t know what it is? Or maybe you’ve heard others talk about these “promo codes” and curiosity got the better of want one! Either way this blog today will explain what a promo code is, why they are used and how they benefit you the App player or you the App developer…

Where do promo codes come from and what are they used for?

Upon completion of a new gaming App, App developers linked to iTunes connect can themselves request 100 free promo codes directly from Apple. They can then be given out free by the App developer. The purpose of a promo code is to provide a free download of a paid App or to access free in app purchases,  so App developers can have users play and test their new game out for free, mostly before the big release so they can get feedback and make updates first.

Promo codes are available for iOS, TvOS and Mac app.

Who does a promo code benefit?

Lots of people… Gamers benefit through playing brand new games completely free and ahead of the actual release date on iOS and App developers benefit through receiving important feedback from those playing to then make important updates and iron out any bugs before its released globally. Promo codes are also a great way for App developers to promote their new game in hope for a top download spot on its release!

Feedback from promo codes cannot be officially left on the App store, so the App developer would have to set up a page/leave contact details in order to receive feedback.

How long are promo codes valid for?

The promo codes generally last up to 28 days from the date Apple provide them and can only be used once, so the App developer must be sure the game is complete and ideally have already built up a list of potential players who are willing to accept and use the promo code.

During the release of the promo code if any gaming software updates are made during the valid 28 days of the released promo codes they will become invalid.

Where to get free promo codes to play the new Apps?

Most avid gamers we assume will be up to speed and fast to act claiming the best promo codes on offers for new games they are waiting for. Info on new apps and available promo codes can be found on developers websites or app forums. Here’s a forum we found which App developers regularly post a number of their promo codes to on a daily basis:

Got your promo code and ready to use it? Then you may find our webpage useful- How to redeem a free Apple promo code

Once the promo code has been redeemed the App it is linked to will begin downloading/installing immediately. Or if the promo code is for an in app purchase the IAP will download immediately once the game has been installed onto the device.

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