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The cheapest ways to download Solo: A Star Wars Story

The cheapest way to legally download Solo: A Star Wars Story from iTunes

Solo: A Star Wars Story is now available for download from iTunes, but did you know you don’t have to download it from your own country’s iTunes store? You can save loads by downloading it from a cheaper country, and if you regularly buy a lot of movies the savings really add up. We’ve found savings of over 70%! For example, Solo in HD is the equivalent of 23.46 US Dollars in the Austrian iTunes store and $19.99 in the US store, but in Russia, the exact same movie is just $6! That’s a saving of nearly $14. Save that much on ten movies per year and you’ve got $140 more in your pocket! For a full list prices, take a look at the bottom of this article.


It is quick and easy to create an iTunes account for a different country. You can read or watch our step by step guide here, or buy any iTunes code from us and select ‘account setup’ – we’ll send you your login details for your new iTunes account for the country of your choice, as well as instructions to change your username and password so you can make your account your own.


You don’t even have to speak a different language! You can leave iTunes set to English, and nearly all films are available in English anyway, whichever country you buy them from. All the languages for Solo are in the table below:




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