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iTunes is launching on Samsung smart TVs in 100 countries

Samsung and Apple have announced they’re teaming up to add iTunes as an app on new Samsung smart TVs. This will mean you will be able to buy movies and TV series directly via your Samsung smart TV without the need for a separate Apple TV device.

It sounds like the app will come preloaded on new smart TVs bought from the launch date. There’s no exact launch date yet – Samsung are just saying ‘Spring 2019’ but we’ll update this page as soon as we know anything more. Samsung have said that 2018 models will receive iTunes too, via a firmware update, so don’t worry if you’ve recently bought one.

We know our customers will be keen to know which countries this will be available in at launch, and unfortunately we don’t yet have an answer. Samsung have said it will be available in ‘over 100 countries’, but that leaves a lot of countries without it. We’ll update this page as soon as we know which countries are included, and how to get it on your Samsung TV if you’re in a country that isn’t on the list.

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