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How to watch Game of Thrones season 7 in Australia

It’s the moment we have been waiting for … season 7 Game of Thrones is here!

Episode 1 screened in the US and UK on Sunday night/Monday morning , however if you live outside of the US or UK you are probably eagerly awaiting some info on when and where you can watch it too! The good news is we have the answer for you today….

The iTunes store!

Season 7 has been released in the German iTunes store ahead of all other countries, so all you need is a German Apple ID to keep up with each episode as it is released weekly into the iTunes store Tv programmes section.  It’s really easy to set up a German iTunes account from anywhere in the world, as we explain further.

There are 2 available options to download in the iTunes store: German audio- titled staffel 7 / or The English audio version – season 7m so be sure to download the correct version.

How much will it cost?

It is completely free to set up a German Apple ID and you won’t need to link a credit/debit card to the account, as this will not be possible without a German bank.

Although the Apple ID account is free to set up, the Game of Thrones download will cost. A series pass will provide you with every single S7 episode as they are released weekly.

Series Pass: €16.99 SD/ €19.99 HD

Credit can be added to the German account using our German iTunes codes .

You can choose how much credit you want in the account to begin with and if more is required at a later date simply add more iTunes credit to the account to top it up. Purchase the amount of iTunes codes you require and you will receive your code via a fast, email delivery.

How to create a German Apple ID to download GOT Season 7

  • You will need to use a German VPN before you begin if you are in a country outside of Germany.

The link below will direct you to our Guide for setting up your own German Apple ID

Instructions to set up a German Apple ID from outside of Germany

Or why not check out our you tube video for detailed step by step instructions:

Well done! You now have your very own German Apple ID, so now to the good bit…

How to download Game of Thrones Season 7 in the iTunes store with your new Apple ID

Visit the iTunes store on your device and use your new Apple ID/password to sign into the new account. This will prompt you to automatically change to the German iTunes store.

Once in the iTunes store, it will work just like the iTunes store for any other Apple ID you may have for a different country.

Change the store to “Tv programmes” and use the search bear in the top right hand corner to search “Game of Thrones”,this will display all Game of Thrones seasons, including the new season 7. Choose season 7 for the English version and click to download – this will prompt you to re enter your password to confirm the download.

Your download of Game of Thrones will then be available in your iTunes library to start watching!

Remember to come back to us again to top up your iTunes account using our iTunes codes! See you soon!

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