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Cheap download of the 2017 movie Wonder Woman

If you are looking for  a cheap and legal way to download the new Wonder Woman movie then we have the solution right here using the iTunes store…

You my have noticed that Wonder Woman has not yet been released in your country iTunes store, as we are aware it is not currently out in the UK, Australia and many other countries so to gain access to download the movie you just need to change the region/country of the iTunes store and set up a new Apple ID. It’s as easy as that!

You will find that it is available in the US iTunes store, however if you are looking for a real bargain then downloading it from the Russian iTunes store is going to be the best, cheapest download option and it is available with English audio so you don’t need to learn the Russian language!

How much does it cost to download Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman is currently available in the Russian iTunes store for 349RUB. This is approximately £4.44 or €5 which for a brand new iTunes movie release is very cheap indeed!

How to change the country in the iTunes store and set up a Russian Apple ID?

It’s really easy to change the store location in iTunes and set up a new Apple ID for Russia (or any other country), though it may be required that you connect to a Russian VPN before beginning the set up process.

For full guidance, just click the link to our guide: How to set up a Russian iTunes account 

Once the account is set up it can be accessed using the new log in details and will direct to the Russian iTunes store.

The Russian iTunes store is easy navigated, even though some of it is in Russian and you may not be able to read it, however identifying the front covers can be helpful! Though most of the main titles will be in English.

Once the movie has been downloaded, it will automatically play in Russian, so the language will need to be changed to Russian in the settings.

Using iTunes codes

Only a Russian bank card can be added into the account, so to add credit to download movies it is easy to use Russian iTunes gift card codes. These can be purchased online and are available in different denominations.

 We have Russian iTunes in 500,1000,1500 and 3000.

To visit our Russian iTunes codes simply click this link which will direct you to the Russian iTunes codes where orders can then be made online. Payments at are secure and can be made via Paypal or using a credit/debit card and codes are emailed quickly.

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