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Cheap download of the 2017 movie Wonder Woman

If you are looking for  a cheap and legal way to download the new Wonder Woman movie then we have the solution right here using the iTunes store…

You my have noticed that Wonder Woman has not yet been released in your country iTunes store, as we are aware it is not currently out in the UK, Australia and many other countries so to gain access to download the movie you just need to change the region/country of the iTunes store and set up a new Apple ID. It’s as easy as that!

You will find that it is available in the US iTunes store, however if you are looking for a real bargain then downloading it from the Russian iTunes store is going to be the best, cheapest download option and it is available with English audio so you don’t need to learn the Russian language!

How much does it cost to download Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman is currently available in the Russian iTunes store for 349RUB. This is approximately £4.44 or €5 which for a brand new iTunes movie release is very cheap indeed!

How to change the country in the iTunes store and set up a Russian Apple ID?

It’s really easy to change the store location in iTunes and set up a new Apple ID for Russia (or any other country), though it may be required that you connect to a Russian VPN before beginning the set up process.

For full guidance, just click the link to our guide: How to set up a Russian iTunes account 

Once the account is set up it can be accessed using the new log in details and will direct to the Russian iTunes store.

The Russian iTunes store is easy navigated, even though some of it is in Russian and you may not be able to read it, however identifying the front covers can be helpful! Though most of the main titles will be in English.

Once the movie has been downloaded, it will automatically play in Russian, so the language will need to be changed to Russian in the settings.

Using iTunes codes

Only a Russian bank card can be added into the account, so to add credit to download movies it is easy to use Russian iTunes gift card codes. These can be purchased online and are available in different denominations.

 We have Russian iTunes in 500,1000,1500 and 3000.

To visit our Russian iTunes codes simply click this link which will direct you to the Russian iTunes codes where orders can then be made online. Payments at are secure and can be made via Paypal or using a credit/debit card and codes are emailed quickly.

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How to get Canadian iTunes codes for soft launch apps?

Often app developers release new games on soft launch in the Canadian App store  (and various other small stores) before they are released globally on iTunes. This is to allow them to be tested before the big release!

If you have a Canadian Apple ID and are outside of Canada then to access the in app purchases which are available in most games the iTunes account will need to be credited using Canadian iTunes gift card codes.

Canadian iTunes gift card codes can be used to redeem the code into the account and load the credit into the account so in app purchases can be made.

If you live outside of Canada, you will not be able to purchase them in your local store so the best option is to order online and receive the code via email, which means a fast,instant purchase and delivery.

This is how we can help….

We sell a wide range of iTunes cards from all over the world, including for Canada and payments are very secure through your choice of either: Paypal, credit/debit card or Bitcoin.

Visit us at :

We have Canadian iTunes codes in : $10, $15, $25, $50 or $100, so you can choose how much you need.

Perhaps you didn’t know you could have a Canadian iTunes account to play soft-launches in Canada? Sure you can and it’s really easy to set up too, why not get one set up using our guide: How to create a Canadian Apple ID

As well as Canadian iTunes cards, we also have UK, US, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, France, plus many more as well as Google Play, Steam and Playstation.

Once you have your code, here’s how to redeem it: How to redeem an iTunes gift card code 

If you have any questions we are always available on our online instant chat available once on the website. Look forward to seeing you soon!


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What is a free Apple promo code?

So perhaps you’ve been given a promo code and don’t know what it is? Or maybe you’ve heard others talk about these “promo codes” and curiosity got the better of want one! Either way this blog today will explain what a promo code is, why they are used and how they benefit you the App player or you the App developer…

Where do promo codes come from and what are they used for?

Upon completion of a new gaming App, App developers linked to iTunes connect can themselves request 100 free promo codes directly from Apple. They can then be given out free by the App developer. The purpose of a promo code is to provide a free download of a paid App or to access free in app purchases,  so App developers can have users play and test their new game out for free, mostly before the big release so they can get feedback and make updates first.

Promo codes are available for iOS, TvOS and Mac app.

Who does a promo code benefit?

Lots of people… Gamers benefit through playing brand new games completely free and ahead of the actual release date on iOS and App developers benefit through receiving important feedback from those playing to then make important updates and iron out any bugs before its released globally. Promo codes are also a great way for App developers to promote their new game in hope for a top download spot on its release!

Feedback from promo codes cannot be officially left on the App store, so the App developer would have to set up a page/leave contact details in order to receive feedback.

How long are promo codes valid for?

The promo codes generally last up to 28 days from the date Apple provide them and can only be used once, so the App developer must be sure the game is complete and ideally have already built up a list of potential players who are willing to accept and use the promo code.

During the release of the promo code if any gaming software updates are made during the valid 28 days of the released promo codes they will become invalid.

Where to get free promo codes to play the new Apps?

Most avid gamers we assume will be up to speed and fast to act claiming the best promo codes on offers for new games they are waiting for. Info on new apps and available promo codes can be found on developers websites or app forums. Here’s a forum we found which App developers regularly post a number of their promo codes to on a daily basis:

Got your promo code and ready to use it? Then you may find our webpage useful- How to redeem a free Apple promo code

Once the promo code has been redeemed the App it is linked to will begin downloading/installing immediately. Or if the promo code is for an in app purchase the IAP will download immediately once the game has been installed onto the device.

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How to watch Game of Thrones season 7 in Australia

It’s the moment we have been waiting for … season 7 Game of Thrones is here!

Episode 1 screened in the US and UK on Sunday night/Monday morning , however if you live outside of the US or UK you are probably eagerly awaiting some info on when and where you can watch it too! The good news is we have the answer for you today….

The iTunes store!

Season 7 has been released in the German iTunes store ahead of all other countries, so all you need is a German Apple ID to keep up with each episode as it is released weekly into the iTunes store Tv programmes section.  It’s really easy to set up a German iTunes account from anywhere in the world, as we explain further.

There are 2 available options to download in the iTunes store: German audio- titled staffel 7 / or The English audio version – season 7m so be sure to download the correct version.

How much will it cost?

It is completely free to set up a German Apple ID and you won’t need to link a credit/debit card to the account, as this will not be possible without a German bank.

Although the Apple ID account is free to set up, the Game of Thrones download will cost. A series pass will provide you with every single S7 episode as they are released weekly.

Series Pass: €16.99 SD/ €19.99 HD

Credit can be added to the German account using our German iTunes codes .

You can choose how much credit you want in the account to begin with and if more is required at a later date simply add more iTunes credit to the account to top it up. Purchase the amount of iTunes codes you require and you will receive your code via a fast, email delivery.

How to create a German Apple ID to download GOT Season 7

  • You will need to use a German VPN before you begin if you are in a country outside of Germany.

The link below will direct you to our Guide for setting up your own German Apple ID

Instructions to set up a German Apple ID from outside of Germany

Or why not check out our you tube video for detailed step by step instructions:

Well done! You now have your very own German Apple ID, so now to the good bit…

How to download Game of Thrones Season 7 in the iTunes store with your new Apple ID

Visit the iTunes store on your device and use your new Apple ID/password to sign into the new account. This will prompt you to automatically change to the German iTunes store.

Once in the iTunes store, it will work just like the iTunes store for any other Apple ID you may have for a different country.

Change the store to “Tv programmes” and use the search bear in the top right hand corner to search “Game of Thrones”,this will display all Game of Thrones seasons, including the new season 7. Choose season 7 for the English version and click to download – this will prompt you to re enter your password to confirm the download.

Your download of Game of Thrones will then be available in your iTunes library to start watching!

Remember to come back to us again to top up your iTunes account using our iTunes codes! See you soon!

Feel free to get in touch through our live chat system:



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How to watch Suits season 7 right now on iTunes from anywhere in the world


So you are hearing rumours the new Suits, season 7, has been released in the iTunes store….it’s true, the Boys are back!! But you checked the iTunes store and there is no sign of Suits, season 7…Well that will be correct, if you are not using the US iTunes store you won’t find Suits Season 7 just yet. But…if you really can’t wait until the release of season 7 in your own country then it’s really simple to create a US Apple ID and download Season 7 right away!

Before we give you the key details you need to get a US Apple ID, here’s a Suits season 7 trailer to spy on:

How to create a US iTunes account, from outside of America?

That’s simple follow the link below to enter our step by step guide (or you tube video instructions), to set up the account.

How to set up a US iTunes account/ US Apple ID

How to buy US iTunes codes?

Visit our website, choose the amount of iTunes credit you would like, make the order and receive a fast email delivery with the iTunes code!

Buy a US iTunes code online here

Now, you are ready to download Suits season 7!

Once you have logged into the new account and purchases Suits, the download will be available in your iTunes library to watch.

Don’t forget to check our blogs regularly for weekly updates on new iTunes/App store releases and Apple product info!


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Where can I download Suits- season 6?

Where can you download the new season 6 of Suits? That is the question we hear you asking…

That is a very good question for all Suits fans eagerly awaiting the release of the new season 6 and this blog has all the answers you need…

Using the information we will provide today and using the iTunes store you will be able to download season 6 of Suits from anywhere in the world, so it does not matter where you live; whether it be the UK, America, Europe, Australia, Japan you can download it today!

Where is Suits season 6 available?

Currently as far as we know season 6 is only available in the US or Canada iTunes store. But that still means you can download it from your country. You just need to read the information below on how to set up your own US or Canadian iTunes account to use internationally.

Setting up an international iTunes account 

So as we mentioned even if you don’t live in Canada or the US you can still create an iTunes account to use internationally from your own country, which will give you full access to the iTunes store content for the chosen country including; suits season 6 and other Tv seasons, as well as music, movies and books.

What you will need – 

An email address (must be different to your existing email address for your Apple ID)

An iTunes gift card code

If you provide the email address, we provide the iTunes credit and with our super fast email delivery method you will have your iTunes code credit in no time.

Simply visit our website and checkout our available iTunes codes.You will find the list of countries we sell iTunes codes for on the left hand side of the home page. There are different denominations available for each country so you can choose the amount you require.

  • How much is Suits season 6 to download? – The amount of credit you require will depend on the price of the Suits download. This price is different for the Canadian and US store, here they are:

US store = $24.99 USD (SD)

Canadian store = $29.99 CAD (SD)

It is your choice which store you choose to make an account for but you must buy the correct iTunes credit to go into it. For example: If you would like to use the US store, you would need at least $25 credit and it must be for the US store.

How to use our free iTunes account set up service

We offer a free iTunes account set up service with every iTunes code purchase, so if you would like us to set the account up for you all you need to do is order your credit and choose the option “create an iTunes account for me” and we will set it up for you with no extra charges!

Further information about our account set up service is available through clicking this link

Or if you would prefer to set up your own iTunes account we have put together a couple guides to help you along:

How to create a US iTunes account to use internationally

How to create a Canadian iTunes account to use internationally

and there you have it, whether you chose to use our account set up service or you set your own account up your new account should be ready for you to log into and download the new Suits season 6!

We hope you enjoyed our blog today and would love to hear from you if you have any questions:

Twitter: @mitunestv
Or use our Live Chat: available on our website homepage
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Download Game of Thrones season 6 from the UK or US today.

Currently Game of Thrones season 6 is not yet available in the UK or US iTunes store to download, but we know that it is available in the German iTunes store. So today we provide you with all the info you need to set up and use a German iTunes account from the UK, US, or of course anywhere in the world so you can begin downloading and watching Season 6 right away!

 The German iTunes store

Using the German iTunes store is easy and if you use iTunes already you will find it not much different to your own country iTunes store. Game of Thrones season 6 is available in both German and English, so if you don’t speak German be sure to select the English version to download! (This is clearly marked season 6, rather than staffel 6)

It is of course entirely legal and is simply a way for you to watch season 6 before others in your country waiting for the release in iTunes :)

How to create a German iTunes account

You will need a German iTunes account with iTunes credit in it to be able to download GOT from the German store – but don’t worry it’s very easy to do, as we explain below.

The first step…buying iTunes credit

We sell a wide range of iTunes gift card codes on our website allowing you to buy the iTunes credit amount of your choice online and receive the code fast using our email delivery service.

Buy a German iTunes code online here to download Game of Thrones season 6

Let us set the account up for you? 

This is always an option and is a completely free service that is available with your purchase. Should you wish to take advantage of this free service, simply order your iTunes gift card credit and change the delivery method to “Create an iTunes account for me” and we will set it up for you and email you with the account details – it really is that easy!

Or if you would like to receive the code via email and set up your own account by loading the credit then here are some instructions to help you along: How to set up a German iTunes account and redeem the iTunes code.

Downloading GOT Season 6

Once the account is set up and loaded with credit you are ready to log in and download Game of thrones!

The download will be stored in your iTunes library (alongside others if you have them) and can be played on your IOS device, laptop or Apple Tv.

Enjoy! and don’t forget just through making an iTunes purchase with us you will automatically be entered into our Monthly Money back competition. Good luck!

Please feel free to contact us for further details:

Twitter: @mitunestv
Or use our Live Chat: available on our website homepage
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Welcome to our all new “Monthly Moneyback” competition now launching…

Every month one of our lucky customers will be selected randomly to win their money back from one an order completed during the month!

So you don’t need to do anything to enter, simply by being a customer of ours you could be the winner! Every purchase you make will be another entry into the competition.

There is no limit to the amount you can win, the more you spend the more you win it’s as simple as that!

The lucky winner will receive a full refund from the selected order – the refund will be applied back onto the credit/debit card or Paypal account used to make the order.

Further information on the competition can be found here

Good Luck!!!


Any questions?

Twitter: @mitunestv
Or use our Live Chat: available on our website homepage
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Cheap French iTunes codes! 10% discount for a limited time…

Cheap French iTunes Available – 10% discount – offer now on!

We currently have a 24 hour sale on our French €25 iTunes codes so we recommend you act quick to ensure you don’t miss out on the discount!!

24 hour sale begins: Monday 15th February 2016….


Using French iTunes/The French iTunes store

The French iTunes store is available to anyone in the world with a French iTunes account (You don’t have to live in France!) and don’t worry if you don’t already have a French iTunes account we can set one up for you completely free of charge with your €25 iTunes code purchase-simply change your delivery method from “Email” to “Create an iTunes account for me” and we will email you the account details!

French iTunes codes and iTunes accounts can be used to download: Music, Movies/films, Apps, Tv shows and books.

Some films are also available in English and other Languages, making film downloads ideal for those who maybe learning the French language, or have an interest in French cinema.

Ordering a french iTunes code – with 10% off!

Don’t miss out on 10% off €25 iTunes codes online for 24 hours, simply use the link below to visit our website and buy a French iTunes code:

Buy a French iTunes code with 10% discount  

Your discount code to receive 10% off is:


Simply enter the code at the checkout within 24hours and the 10% discount will then be applied. Unlike other sites, we have no processing/activation fees, the price you see is the price you will pay!

This coupon code can be used for multiple purchases of €25 codes up to the value of €250. If you’d like to buy more or wish to talk to us about placing a bulk order please email us or talk to us on our online chat service and a member of the miTunes team will be happy to help.

We offer a fast, email delivery method so you can be sure to receive your codes direct to your email and begin enjoying your downloads!

Further details on our iTunes account creation service can found here

Gift Certificates also available…

Are you looking for French iTunes for a gift for someone? No problem, why not use the discount code to receive 10% off our iTunes gift certificates? Simply order your French iTunes gift certificate using the link below and add discount code: FRB10  Change the delivery method to ” Gift option – Create an iTunes gift certificate for me

Contact Us:


Twitter: @mitunestv


Live chat: Available at the bottom right hand side of our home page